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What does your dream retirement look like?

In 2000, I was desperate for some financial guidance. My wife, Jessie, was a teacher and I owned my own small business. Between the two of us, we had a good income but nothing to show for it other than bills.  I picked up Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Make Over” and three days later my wife and I began our journey to financial freedom. In 7 years we paid off everything, including our house.

During this time I developed a love for all things associated with finances and started teaching Financial Peace University in order to help others claim financial freedom as well. In December of 2015, after building our dream home, I was injured and occupationally disabled to continue in my line of work. A few months later my third son, Creed, arrived with significant complications. It was a season of life where the storm rocked us physically, spiritually and mentally. Thankfully, because of financial planning, we were able to weather that storm. Having an emergency fund, disability insurance, and making good investments literally saved my family and my dreams.

My life is now dedicated to helping others plan for a peaceful financial future, despite what life may throw their way. By working together with SmartPro Financial and Cambridge Investment Research, I can help you with any investment or planning needs. Whether it is budgeting, investing, retirement, or wealth advisement, I look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you for a more secure financial future. 

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