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Paul Harris


What does your dream retirement look like?

Paul has been a Financial Advisor for over two decades and he still gets excited about hearing your story. He wants to be a part of the process of answering your questions and helping you meet your financial goals. This business takes a professional that will uncomplicate things for you.

The last few years, Paul has enjoyed being a part of the Dave Ramsey programs. He believes in Dave’s philosophies and uses them in his client’s financial planning process.

He has lived in Florida his whole career as a Financial Advisor, so he is very familiar with retirees and people planning for retirement. He has clients all over the US.

Before he was a Financial Advisor he was in Argentina for several years with his church. Therefore, he is fluent in Spanish. For ten years he was Chaplain for different Baseball teams, including the Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He enjoys an active life with his wife, Angela. He enjoys scuba diving, sports cars and flowers as he raises rare hibiscus.

Favorite Quote by Dave Ramsey: “Act your wage.”
Moto: The Cavalry isn’t coming.

Education: B.A. from Calvary University, University of South Florida Personal Financial Planning program.

Paul Harris
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