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What does your dream retirement look like?

I was born and raised in Greenville, SC, to a family like many American families:  we had debt, improper income protection, and limited investments that were not suited for our family’s long-term wellbeing.  After being introduced to Financial Peace University, our family worked diligently to take back control of our lives and made the active decision to influence our future situation for good.  

There were three key components that helped us achieve success in this process:   financial education, structured planning, and the right advisor to walk with us through every stage of life.  I believe these are the necessary components for success in any walk of life, but especially in personal finance.  My desire for each of my clients is that they understand the value of being proactive and empowered in determining their financial future, as well as believing the truth that everyone can achieve his or her financial goals with a little bit of dedication.

Before getting married, my wife and I became disillusioned by potential advisors who would not work with us because of our age and net worth.  That’s why I choose to join the industry and work with clients at every stage of their financial life—I want to show people the appropriate attention and care for their future that other advisors refuse to offer.  I am very excited and grateful to work in a field that allows me to have a direct, positive impact in peoples’ lives.

When not working with clients, my wife and I spend time exploring new spots in our hometown, dancing at our local Carolina Shag club, and hanging out with many of the incredible couples we have met through our church.  We believe that God has brought us together for a reason, and drawing us to the SmartPro Financial family is an essential part of his plan. We look forward to serving you through all your financial needs.

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