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Patrick Rogers


What does your dream retirement look like?

My passion as a financial planner is to engage with clients in deep relationships, learn what their priorities are both now and in the future, and guide them to success in their financial lives through education and comprehensive financial planning.

A native of Simpsonville, SC, my background in personal financial management began early in life after my family attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. The lessons on how to experience financial freedom through biblical stewardship greatly influenced me in my formative years and provided a stable foundation for my own family several years down the road.

My career path originally led me to the automotive industry, where I spent several years as a mechanical engineer in design, testing, and project management roles for BMW and Michelin. As my wife and I began planning our future, we realized that many financial advisors were solely focused on retirees, or that those who would work with us were limited in solutions based on their companies’ product relationships and service models. This experience opened our eyes, showing us that there was an opportunity to enter the financial industry and provide high quality, independent, and individualized solutions for folks like us who were driven workers, diligent savers, and faithful givers.

After much discussion and prayer, my wife and I decided to make a life change and start our own business to help those who could truly benefit from the experience we sought for ourselves. To ensure we could create this experience for our clients, we contracted with Cambridge Investment Research as our broker-dealer and back office support system. Cambridge serves as our primary advocate to assist in maintaining compliance, securing relationships with investment product companies, and offering us the flexibility to build our business around our clients’ needs–not the other way around.

As an extension of our mission, we proudly participate in Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Pro network of financial advisors and help facilitate Financial Peace University classes in our local community. When not working with clients, my wife, Haley, and I enjoy spending time with our small group at Fellowship Greenville, dancing the night away at the Carolina Shag Club, and meeting new and old friends at the Commerce Club in downtown Greenville.

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