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What does your dream retirement look like?

Growing up in small town Wisconsin, I was raised with Midwestern values, that taught me to always have a positive impact on your community.  I have always found joy in being a member of a successful team that meets its goals.  Being a part of every clients’ team, working towards their financial goals, brings that same sense of accomplishment and excitement.


After fifteen years of working in International Business for Fortune 50 companies, I was challenged to follow my passion into the world of financial advising. How did living debt free, investing and retirement planning become my passion?  I was 29 years old, sitting in the dark, on my couch, wondering how I was going to make my next mortgage payment.  I had never budgeted and the years of living outside my means had caught up with me.  My mom gifted me Dave Ramsey’s book “The Total Money Makeover” and my world was changed.  Years later, my husband and I were living Baby Steps 4 &6, when we found ourselves with a layoff, because of the choices we had made through the ‘Baby Steps’, we were just fine.  I started helping others build their budgets and mentored them on their paths to becoming debt free.  Now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but helping people live the life they want and plan for their retirement dream.


I love a festival, a concert or an event. I love Summer, time on the water with family and friends and baby snuggles. I am a wanderlust and have had the opportunity to visit 4 continents, 15 countries and 35 states.  There is still a lot out there to see and many more places to cross off my list.  However,  all of that has greatly slowed down with the birth of my son.  We now spend time traveling through storybooks and splashing in our baby pool.

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