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What does your dream retirement look like?

I am a California native, but who now calls South Carolina home. I started my professional career in the medical field of collegiate athletics, which has been tremendous for me and my family.

I found Dave Ramsey in 2005, through a Financial Peace class at church. It did not take the first time! So, I had to do it again! Finally, I understood that I needed to commit to a process and not do “Dave…ish”. Since then, we have run our family finances on these principles, and I can personally say they work.

Since walking away from debt and realizing how much financial habits affect our family, I have a desire to assist others in creating and maintaining positive financial habits. This has led me to becoming an Investment Advisor Representative and Financial Coach.

I have completed the Financial Coach Masters Training through Ramsey Solutions in 2018. Financial Coaching is walking side by side with individuals and families, assisting them in achieving financial independence and freedom.

I have a passion to assist others in developing a game plan for their finances. How to create a budget, destroy their debt, and build their savings. These are the three components needed to start the process of winning with your finances.

SmartPro gives me the opportunity to serve families with their finances. Whether it is the basics of budgeting, putting in proper insurance, long-term retirement savings, or complex financial planning; we can assist in all areas.

I love spending time with my family. At any time, you will find me playing sports with my kids, going for a run, being active outdoors, or just reading a good book!

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