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Derek Coffren


Derek Coffren and his family

What does your dream retirement look like?

I am a Maryland transplant who came to North Carolina for college.  I started my collegiate career at Wingate University and graduated with an Bachelors in Accounting from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  After school, the decision to stay down south was an easy one with all of the plentiful opportunities in the area.  As an entrepreneur I found success running my own businesses in the Charlotte area for the last 15 years.  Running an organization has taught me to be fiscally conservative not only in business but personally as well.

Over the years I started noticing friends and family making personal financial choices that didn’t seem to be in their best interest.  Often times these financial decisions were made with the guidance of a financial professional.  The more I researched the more I noticed certain common financial industry practices that seemed to be counter-productive to a successful financial plan.  I found Dave Ramsey and felt an immediate connection.  I have been educating people on his teachings ever since.  I truly believe that every family has a chance at financial success with the proper game-plan.  All families no matter what their current situation, could benefit from the guidance and teachings of Dave.

I would like to say my hobbies are golf, working out, sports and traveling.  But the truth is my two daughters and my wife are my world.  So, my hobbies are cheerleading, ballet, gymnastics, soccer, Barbie dolls and family time. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  We have a great time in our household, our family loves to joke, laugh, watch cartoons and entertain great friends with great food.

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