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Chris McAlister


Chris McAlister & Dave Ramsey
Chris Mcalister & Dave Ramsey

What does your dream retirement look like?

Chris Mcalister with his wife
Chris Mcalister with his wife

From the time I entered college up until a few years ago I never truly felt like I had a grasp on what I was called to do in life.  I’ve done many different jobs, many of which I’ve loved.   However, I never really felt like I was doing what I was called to do until I discovered Dave Ramsey and the principles he teaches.  I used Dave’s teachings to get myself out of debt and on a positive financial path.   After that I found myself wanting to help others do the same.  Through a sequence of events that I feel God has orchestrated for me I found and joined the team of financial advisors I work with today. 

I love helping families reach their financial goals so they can live and give like no one else! 

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my wife, Stephanie, as well as our family and friends.  I also enjoy playing golf, softball, disc golf and woodworking.

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