SmartPro Leaders go to Nashville!

Happy to have represented SmartPro down in Nashville at Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Advsiory Council Meetings.   Rick Godfrey Sr. and Damon Walker were excited to be there to learn more about Chris Hogan’s new book, “Everyday Millionaires”.   We also are honored to be part of this group not only to be representing our SmartPro team but to be representing all of our Dave Ramsey clients and friends that work hard every day to get out of debt, build wealth and have money to give.   

Darrell Moore (VP of the SmartVestor program) started the conference by welcoming the 15 members of the council and thanking us for all our hard work and commitment to the program through the years!  The Advisory Council is made up of 15 members from 11 different Broker Dealers.  The council started in 2013 to help Dave and his team get input from Advisors in the field regarding best practices, regulatory developments and compliance guidelines.  

In addition, we had the honor of hearing from Donald Miller, New York Times best-selling author and Dave Ramsey marketing partner. He shared the importance of effectively sharing our unique message with the world: it is possible to have financial peace.

Rick and I were excited to have our wives along on this trip. They had the opportunity to see Dave, view his radio show, and tour the Ramsey headquarters. It was an exciting trip, and as always, we are proud to represent our valued clients and the SmartPro Financial team.